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Vickers Testing Machine


Model: VM50


Fine Engineering Services is one of the leading supplier of vickers hardness tester machines in Chennai who have strong technical exposure in services of all types of testing machines and hardness tester machines and also one of the leading supplier of material testing machines in Chennai.

  • Testing range is very wide, from soft metal such as lead, upto the hardest, like hard steel.
  • Same hardness number is obtained on the same specimen, regardless of the load applied.
  • The indication is tiny and allows testing of a precision finished part.
  • Loading and unloading cycle is motorized.
  • Thin sheet metal is perfectly tested because the load applied very small.
  • Built-in projection screen to get accurate results

'FIE' Vickers Hardness Tester is a simple and accurate means to produce and measure the diamond indentation.

These testers are suitable for measuring the hardness of precision metallic parts with wide testing range - from soft to hard and their accurate results are widely acclaimed.