NABL Accredited Company

Expertise in Material Testing Machines


We are NABL Accredited laboratory for Mechanical Testing Service and Calibration of Testing Machines, Metallurgical & Stereo Microscope. Our NABL scope covers indirect method for all hardness scales and direct method for load calibration (Force) in both compression & tension modes. The machines are calibrated using test blocks / proving rings which are certified by NPL / FRI (FIE Research Institute, Ichalkaranji).
We are a leading NABL calibraion services company in Chennai for material testing machines and hardness tester machines of all ranges.

We supply spares & consumables and provide prompt and efficient service to all our customers. We undertake annual maintenance contract (AMC) for all kinds of testing machines for competitive rates and attend break down calls free of charges during AMC period within Chennai,
and provide the service report for the same on your work place.

  • Universal Testing Machines - ( available in various Models - Analogue, Electronic, Computerized, Servo, Hydraulic Grip – (HGFL) models )
  • Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machine
  • Electro Mechanical PC Controlled (Unitek Models)
  • Compression Testing Machines
  • Torsion Testing Machines
  • Impact Testing Machines
  • Spring Testing Machines
  • Tensile Testing Machines
  • Erichsen Testing Machine
  • Vertical Balancing Machines
  • Dynamic Balancing Machines
  • Hardness Testing Machines
    1. Rockwell Hardness testing Machines – Analogue & Digital
    2. Vickers Hardness Testers – Analogue, Digital & Computerised
    3. Brinell Hardness Testers – Hydraulic, Optical & Computerised
    4. Portable Hardness Testers
  • Computerized Micro Vickers Hardness Testers