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Vickers Hardness Testing Machine


Model: MV1 –TS


Fine Engineering Services is one of the leading supplier of vickers hardness tester machines in Chennai who have strong technical exposure in services of all types of testing machines and hardness tester machines and also one of the leading supplier of material testing machines in Chennai.

  • Load selection by external knob.
  • Motorized loading and unloading cycle.
  • Small loads allow testing of thin sheet metals.Latest GUI features with user friendly software:
  • On - line indentation setting and focusing on Touch Screen.
  • Advanced image processing:
  • Algorithms implemented for precise calculations of hardness numbers with various options to cover all ranges of specimen.
  • Batch file processing:
  • Option for Data/storage and reports generation for case depth analysis etc.
  • Statistical evaluation:
  • Software for calculating standard deviation, mean, medium, frequency distribution graph, variation graph etc.
  • Scope of supply:
  • Basic machine with HD camera, optics with illumination system.